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At the heart of this piece lies the enigmatic 'Nuqta' or 'dot' - a symbol revered for its mystical nature and its connection to the origins of all things. Just as every story begins with a single word, the dot signifies a starting point, a genesis of limitless possibilities. 

The artwork was created combining plaster, acrylic medium, and acrylic. Every stroke of the brush mirrors the inherent significance of the dot, as lines emerge from a series of interconnected dots, bridging the realms of literal interpretation and mystic revelation. The color palette was inspired by the morning sunrise, paying homage to new beginnings and mirroring the dot's essence as a starting point, symbolizing the eternal cycle of creation and rebirth.

Hang it in your living space, office, or creative sanctuary, and let its presence start conversations and stir the soul. Allow the artwork's rich texture and symbolic depth to infuse your surroundings with an aura of contemplation and wonder.

24 x 24 x 7/8" mixed media on canvas, signed and sealed.

Image with framed artwork is for reference only.

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