Uncovering the Abjad

Uncovering the Abjad

It’s no secret I’ve been working on a series of abstract textured artworks that are inspired by Arabic letters, or “Abjad” and the natural elements. As a lover of the deep rooted tradition of Arabic calligraphy, I’ve been waiting for myself to grow enough to articulate the essence of select letters that go back to the teachings of great mystics in Islamic history. 

Alongside this desire to articulate, I’ve been concerned with the need to make their beauty something that can be shared, not kept only for those with a handle on the Arabic language. This was where the idea of abstracting the letters came into play. More on the why when the series drops June 29, but for now I’d like to highlight a few of the letters and symbols I chose to paint and describe their meaning. 

Nuqta - The Symbolic Dot: One of the symbols seen accompanied by many of the letters in Arabic is the 'Nuqta' or 'dot.' Its mystical nature goes back to the 'origins of all things.' The dot can be understood as a starting point, and it can also be contained in all things. For the literalists, all lines are simply a series of dots. For the mystics, all that is to be understood can be found in a single dot. This was the first painting I made in the series, and naturally set the tone for the textural quality of the other works.

Ba - The Symbol of Divine Revelation: The letter 'Ba,' the second letter in the Arabic alphabet and synonymous with the letter 'B,' holds profound mystical meanings. Ibn Arabi, a famous Islamic philosopher, described Ba as a letter that contains the meaning of the entire Quran. This interpretation suggests that within the essence of Ba lies the essence of divine revelation and wisdom. The shape of Ba, with its horizontal line and smaller semi-circular shape, symbolizes the harmonious union of the material and spiritual realms. In Arabic calligraphy, Ba is celebrated for its elegance and fluid design, capturing the balance between form and meaning.

Noon - The Letter of Divine Illumination: Noon, the fourteenth letter in the Arabic alphabet, holds mystical significance and represents the divine light and the illumination of the soul. Its shape, resembling a horizontal line with a dot on top, symbolizes the presence of God's light within each individual. Noon signifies the inner journey of self-discovery and spiritual realization, guiding seekers toward the recognition of their own divine nature. The repetition of Noon's phonetic sound in spiritual practices is believed to attune individuals to the divine presence and invoke spiritual blessings. In Arabic calligraphy, Noon's visual representation often incorporates intricate embellishments, highlighting its spiritual symbolism.

By incorporating the letters Ba, Noon, and other Arabic letterforms in my upcoming series, I aim to capture their aesthetic allure while delving into their mystical significance. Stay tuned for the release of the full series on June 29, where you can explore further these sacred letters and symbols.

With peace.


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I’m a Lebanese-American abstract artist based in sunny Southern California. I combine my love of mysticism, symbolism, and nature into unique representations that are highly tactile and encourage a closer look, maybe even a touch. My Graphic Design background often influences my concern for compositional balance, simplicity and negative space.

I’m deeply moved by the human spirit and hope my work brings you a moment of pause so you can reconnect with your inner power. Find my work in the homes of happy collectors all over the country. Read my full story, commission me, or collect available art.